It’s a gripping, squeezing, breathless emotion!   It grabbs you at any moment of your waking moment, visits in your dreams, turning them into nightmares!   And then at dawn, just when the light  pushes in… that dark cloud hovers over you until you feel powerless !  You want to engulf yourself into a senseless motion … Continue reading Depression 

The Glory of Life

When you find within yourself courage,  to start a journey in spite of pain and struggles, when all is lost, when all comes to a scale of zero, no one is immune. There’s no one different, there’s no one better at it. We each follow it at a different pace and point in time. Nothing … Continue reading The Glory of Life

Walking in Nature 

Walking in nature is where I have experienced the most healing… Today I came this close 👌🏻 to loosing my innermost peace. 18 months I have learned stability and inner peace from another  bad situation. But, people love to push , to blame and they just care to have their say and they push it … Continue reading Walking in Nature 

Saving Grace

On a sunny spring-like Saturday, when the air felt warm on my cheeks for the first time in months, I wondered downtown and wound up meadering through my favorite used bookstore. I picked up a book and sat just out of the way into an alcove, I put my feet up and started to read. … Continue reading Saving Grace


Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence.  Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. Some few months ago, I was made aware in my place of employment that I had more enemies than friends. When I shrugged it off, it infurated them more. Then little things started to … Continue reading Silence

Love Me

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I  really need it~Sweedish proverb It has been 4 months since my wind of change blew my way. I remember that April day quite clearly, I even remember the calm. I shake my head and wonder who was my guardian that day! Continue reading Love Me