Judgment or Criticism

14 thoughts on “Judgment or Criticism”

  1. I applaud you for wanting to change and begin to learn how to LOVE you. You will learn in time many more things. I am so very proud of you! And if family chooses to punish you that is their choice. You stay high in Love, and do not allow anger or hurt entrance into your White Home. 🤗

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  2. Oh my….family can such pain in the arse!!! I recently was shunned by a close relatives for something I didn’t even realize I did until it was over, my sister was speaking to my sister in law and I yelled BYE into the phone as I walked into the store, well I didn’t think that cell phones amplify voices, must of been pretty loud, oops I tried to call them right back to apologize but they refused my calls. I stopped after 3x’s. In less than 2 days my brother wrote a scathing post on Facebook about me, something along the lines of being rude and crude…nice huh!! Well I wrote back an apology and he just got uglier with his words. So I walked away from them. Didn’t call them even though my sister in law was having a total hip replacement, didn’t comment on any of my brothers Facebook post. I am so sorry for your circumstance, but it the entire family shunned you, well then they don’t deserve your attention or love !! Like you, I didn’t mean to cause a tsunami !! In fact I tried to rectify it. All you can do is take care of you, you know you didn’t do anything wrong, do not give him a pass for taking out his anger on you. My brother and sister in law live right across the street from me. Before the came back to the desert she did call and try to make nice. I took the call, but kept the conversation very neutral and answered her questions and had nothing to add to the conversation, and still don’t. I have only been over to there home a couple times. They have been over here lots, trying to be nice and helpful. I can not live my life in scandal, for a better word. Like you, I strive for the light and balance we all need to be whole. You enjoy those beautiful curtains, bright butterflies and white carpet my friend, and yes I know lots of people who have white carpet and they don’t walk on it with shoes on either, and if you do so what its yours!!! Family can be so cruel, and perhaps without even realizing because they have alaways been judgmental and look for all the bad. Your brother may be the head of the family, but your the head of you house and life. No one gets to take that from you!! Breath deep, smile a lot and know your a wonderful person!!! Love all the bright colors in your home!! XXXxxNamaste

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  3. So sad to hear about such minor things causing huge rifts. It makes me think that there was more brewing in your brother’s mind than the color of the carpet. Some people simply have to have rain on other people’s joy. You get to choose, though. Keep an open heart and let love be your umbrella.

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