Pointless Arguing

13 thoughts on “Pointless Arguing”

  1. Emotions always run high when you are an over achiever,when you are an A type individual,mine are always all over the place like a map of the United States,staying grounded for me is a full time job in and of itself but you can’t relinquish your power to people who’s intentions are not of the highest. No one likes to have to keep your guard up 24/7 but this is life as much as I would like it to change it will not. Its so important to play to find your sweet spot
    My door is always open any hour
    Day or night As Sheldon Always

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    1. Your wisdom warms me my friend, I am trying so hard to just let them go with their opinions and stuck up attitudes, worst I sometimes feel I’m in a tunnel of despair. I find that people have the tendencies to re-write their truth or their lies just to suit their image or … Thank you Sheldon, I am just about to take charge of my life, it has come to it and the cards and people’s thoughts were revealed, even though they could not help themselves trying to show up to me! I think I’m free! after 3 years of pain all will be well now! 🌞💕 Solitaire


  2. There are certain people who will suck you dry,that’s how they live basically because they have no lives jealously breeds contempt,they see what you have and they want it
    You are basically a strong person just swayed by your emotions,it happens to me all the time
    Hang in there

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  3. First congratulations my friend, 11 years, I take a deep cleansing sigh for you, full of love and joy…
    2nd, let them think what they may, words cam only hurt if you let them. You know your good, your courage, your a warrior, don’t accept there anger, its there’s not yours, I have learned lately that its okay to say thank you to them ( or whoever is being mean) for caring enough even its mean, nasty, and not kind, its your gratitude to give not there’s to take, for no matter what you say or think they will not change who they are, only you can change, accept them for who they are, and move away from them.. Leave them with there hatred for themselves, its there choice to stay in that moment of time, not yours. Be at peace my friend, XXkat

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    1. Your words warm me and I’m overwhelmed with your friendship and positive attitude, I have moved on, sometimes you need to say it out loud in order for it to evaporate i to the wind. xoxo Solitaire


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