If youth only had a chance or old age any brains- Stephen Leacock The smallest thing can change your life in a blink of an eye. Something happens by chance, when you least expect it and sets you on a course you never planned into a future you never imagined.   Where will it take … Continue reading Changes

The Hidden Emotions 

Taking everyone ‘s advise I called a friend who knows a therapist,  set up an appointment and had a concil or rathen a preview of one.  She wanted to see me the same day I called! She either has high regard for my friend who called her, or she’s had a lot of free time! … Continue reading The Hidden Emotions 

Keep on dancing 

“I’m dancing in the rain…” -Gene Kelly Today celebrate you. Do something to recognize the beauty of you and the beauty of your place in the world. ~Sometimes you dance… with a partner, and sometimes you dance alone. But the important thing is to keep dancing. ~ Jack Canfield  Continue reading Keep on dancing