My next door neighbor is renovating- Zach our dog is leery of noice and with every bang, drill and boom he barks and barks… I asked the neighbor how long it will take, her response: “as long as it takes!” “Very nice! How neighborly of you!” Said I, well she started a smear campaign in … Continue reading Anger


You have being told many lies.  So was I. I was born a woman for love. I remained one for revenge. Know me, I am Woman. Learn freely and and of your own free will. I bid you welcome to my truth. Continue reading Welcome

Bending the Body

Bending the body to meet the mind, a mystery, a cypher, something nearly extinct these days:  I’m a person not controlled by ambition or greed or crave need for attention. A desire to experience life completely and to make life a little easier for me and those around me. Mobility and style in drastic speed … Continue reading Bending the Body

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Holidays is for greetings, Merry Christmas is for Christ,  but, I have been warned not to over use it in case I offend! So forgive if I do offend, but I am celebrating my favorite birthday! Christ at Christmas!  It is a wonderful party simultaneously celebrated all over the Christian world!  Happy Birthday Jesus, … Continue reading Happy Birthday Jesus