A Morning Joy

Curtesy of Happy Witch Happiness is a grand pursuit.  We all seek it and yet we are left with the void of having it escape us. When I was young I seeked happiness by making my parents happy~ they were disappointed in me. In school I tried to be nice to all the popular girls … Continue reading A Morning Joy

Peace and Serenity

I place high value on peace and serenity. I avoid problems for the uncomfortable feelings it accompanies. I sometimes shut down and don’t see or speak to anyone for days.  This is an acceptable venue on the ones that know me intimately. But, for others it scares the hell out of them!  They think I’m … Continue reading Peace and Serenity

Love Me

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I  really need it~Sweedish proverb It has been 4 months since my wind of change blew my way. I remember that April day quite clearly, I even remember the calm. I shake my head and wonder who was my guardian that day! Continue reading Love Me