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  1. Hello Windmills—this is Julie from over on Cookiecrumbstoliveby—I want to thank you for stopping in and for wanting to follow along on my life’s little journey –may you travel upon your pursuit with peace—blessing and grace—julie

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  2. Hmmmm ….. Not too many people like me …. And for the SAME reason, mind you. Ditto. I like you. I speak my mind as well, and many if not most, are not very appreciative. I am following you just so I can get to know you better. 🙂 Thank you for the follow over at Petals. If you had not, I wouldn’t have met you. Love, Amy ❤

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  3. Hi Windmills, I like you already! You have this platform to express your honest feelings, some will like it, others won’t…Oh well, be that as it may. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Blessings and peace.

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      1. Hi,

        Predicament is a beautiful word. As a matter of fact, not too many people like the word itself. 🙂

        The word helps a lot in many ways.

        Take care.



  4. Thank you, sweetie, for following me and I love your blog! I hope you do find happiness, or at least contentment which I think may actually be a longer-lasting peaceful feeling. I will eagerly follow your journey 🙂

    I have another blog for my Commonplace Book (a commonoplace book is someone’s personal collection of quotes, witticisms, sayings, etc.) at http://www.jeneanebehme.wordpress.com and I would love to re-post the Chinese proverb you have at the end of your “About” post.

    Would it be okay for me to do so and of course I would acknowledge that I found that quote on your wordpress blog site. I always try to attribute who said what and where on my Commonplace Book blogs but when I started my Books almost 50 years ago, sometimes I was remiss on doing that 😦

    I’m so glad to be acquainted with you!


      1. Thanks for your permission, sweetie! Your great quote and the wonderful picture (I like Dali’s work as well as other artists and their works on my quote blog) will be posted on my Commonplace Book blog asap. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. I have a bit of a windmill obsession, myself. I have been collecting them since I read Don Quixote in high school. They remind me that we often see things as we want them to be, rather than how they are.

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  6. Hello, You found the blog where I write about photography. Unlike the changing thoughts and subjects I find in your blog, I will guarantee my discussions will always be about photography.
    You wrote of your, “mundane ravings of a quixotic woman who has put her life on hold”. I have just started to browse and I expect anything but “mundane”.

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  7. Greetings Solitaire/Windmills.
    Such a beautiful site. . What would the world be like if more people liked you, or me for that matter? What is important is being an authentic, original person, who creates ideas of diversity and respect, and of course, loving-kindness in others’ minds.
    Being mindful not to intentionally hurt anybody else is one key element on our Path. Take care and keep up the great work.


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  8. I never really dived into your work. I guess because I’m always in a rush. When I slow down, like today, I stumble across gems, like your site, that have been waving at me for so long but I never stop to see them. I love your site and your work. I’m glad I slowed down today.

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