As Belinda the good witch once said in the Wizard of Oz. “You had the power all along my dear.” Remember but this,  as you go about your business today, whatever shortcomings you think you’re facing,  you are wrong. Everything you need to overcome them is already in your soul. Continue reading Shortcomings 


If youth only had a chance or old age any brains- Stephen Leacock The smallest thing can change your life in a blink of an eye. Something happens by chance, when you least expect it and sets you on a course you never planned into a future you never imagined.   Where will it take … Continue reading Changes

The Hidden Emotions 

Taking everyone ‘s advise I called a friend who knows a therapist,  set up an appointment and had a concil or rathen a preview of one.  She wanted to see me the same day I called! She either has high regard for my friend who called her, or she’s had a lot of free time! … Continue reading The Hidden Emotions