You have being told many lies.  So was I. I was born a woman for love. I remained one for revenge. Know me, I am Woman. Learn freely and and of your own free will. I bid you welcome to my truth. Continue reading Welcome


As Belinda the good witch once said in the Wizard of Oz. “You had the power all along my dear.” Remember but this,  as you go about your business today, whatever shortcomings you think you’re facing,  you are wrong. Everything you need to overcome them is already in your soul. Continue reading Shortcomings 

Bending the Body

Bending the body to meet the mind, a mystery, a cypher, something nearly extinct these days:  I’m a person not controlled by ambition or greed or crave need for attention. A desire to experience life completely and to make life a little easier for me and those around me. Mobility and style in drastic speed … Continue reading Bending the Body