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  1. Carl did say it perfectly, it is only you who can change the crazy buy taking a different path, isn’t there an old saying, they may be related but you don’t have to love/like them!! I worked 21 years at one of jobs with some people I couldn’t stand to be around and others I would embrace daily in a morning hug, however I treated neither differently, I loved that my coworkers used to say to me, we can’t tell who you like on hate, I always just smiled and walked away. I never let the ones that tried so had to make me miserable have any power over me. Laughing at them inside was all the therapy I needed. Its your world my friend, you choose who to let in, I mean really let in. and yes I am afraid to say the one who goes to church every Sunday is more apt to be the ones wearing the devils mantle. xxxkat

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