26 thoughts on “Quarantine”

  1. “some of her family and friends actually distanced themselves”

    That’s really sad. It is one thing to mask and keep a bit of physical distance. You can do that and still keep a relationship. It is quite another to distance the relationship itself.

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  2. How amazing of you to move in with a friend’s family to help. You are a gift to the world. And I’m so glad you’re getting outside time as well. Fresh air has been a godsend and there’s nothing quite as lovely during this time as nurturing growth. Be well, my friend. ❤

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  3. You are such a good friend – something dearly needed right now. I have accomplished a few things but mostly I have been calling friends and neighbors who are more isolated. It is almost 100 degrees here so I struggle to garden. Longing for rain…

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  4. It’s so sad that her family and friends distanced themselves. This whole pandemic has made me feel really isolated and alone already. I couldn’t imagine how she must’ve felt after having to go through that! Your gardening looks great! And the kitty is so cute!

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