4 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. I absolutely love this! In my spiritual storyline that runs rampant through my mind – Nothing is the basis of EVERYTHING (the most sought after thing in Existence). EVERYTHING has been so sought after for so long, that EVERYONE completely forgot that without Nothing, there is no amount of Everything that can satisfy or be enough.

    For that is the lesson of Nothing that made EVERYTHING possible – “How to BE Enough”. When Nothing learned to be enough, EVERYTHING else became the only possibility that could balance out such a heavy awakening. And I think that’s where things seems out of balance. Everyone is on the quest for the more of EVERYTHING and never about the wholeness of being that Nothing teaches.

    My ever present hope is that more with latch onto the truth of “being” happy versus the quest for more to find an illusive happy that vanishes before it manifests.

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