I Thank My Parents

37 thoughts on “I Thank My Parents”

  1. I like to think that every day I wake is as special as a birth day. Because haven’t I been born into the present moment that is the new day? Is not the day but a surprise full of blessings and experiences to be nurtured and appreciated?

    Our parents of Creation are wondrous in their ability to manifest spectacular reality before our very eyes. And they do so without ever telling you how they know everything and still gift the beautiful journey of exploring a world of wonder through the eyes of an Aspect of Creation with childlike innocence guided by the ever gentle hands of Kindness And Wisdom.

    Truly the Grand Divine is just so beautiful and special and thrills the imagination to consider how perfect it truly is.

    Much love and luck and light and joy on your special day.

    So glad to get to see your beautiful imagination contributing to the wonder of the day.

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