15 thoughts on “Judgement”

  1. Hopefully I won’t come back to this evil wicked earth. I just want to go to Heaven and be reunited with my parents, grandparents, aunts and other Loved ones. Even my beloved pets who died. Once I make my transition I never want to see this planet again. Only Paradise for me.

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  2. I really like this idea of being judged multiple times over multiple subjects. Kind of like a pop quiz for why you were a dirtbag while calling yourself alive. I’m going to share this with my husband.

    He has a set of music he has created that tells the story of a great gnome king who dies defending his people from a nasty monster. He was victorious but the cost was his life. And so the great gnome king passes on from his body into another state. And in that state he finds himself having judgement passed on him. My husband already talked about being quizzed on aspects about how he cruelly treated his wife and how he dismissed his children in favor of defending the country. Real deep issues that often get overlooked.

    It’s quite the little story my hubby has imagined. We are working to put it to video but that requires me to draw the art which I’m not extremely gifted at and also spend the time which will be hard because I’m focused on writing the enormous amounts of info filling my head and distracting me from reality. Such beautiful problems to have.

    I hope you find yourself well on this beautiful and blessed Friday. I wanted to reach out and comment because you have been so regularly browsing my things and leaving those beautiful little likes in your wake. Thank you so much for that. Those little pink dots on the notifications bell always float my boat when I get to see them. I look forward to seeing how I’ve been interacted with. Thank you for so often interacting with my site. I don’t always have time to give that back but when I do, I will definitely share my time with your blog. I appreciate your presence on mine so much!

    Much love and luck in your journey to the other side!

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