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  1. Almost sailing in the same boat. I liked your post. ‘Silence’, and the mention about ‘healing’ was wonderful. Writing it down heals us. “We Write”…. Let me put it that way. 🙂

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  2. I love so much of this post.

    Do I write for me or for you? – Such a deep pondering question. I find myself falling on both sides of the question. I write because I have an overwhelming need to get out this epic feeling story consuming all my attention and energy. It drives me to produce content. So that’s writing that is totally for me. But as I write, I know I deeply want to connect with any who could possibly love me for my word. And so I take time to carefully craft my words in a way that feels palatable to other minds. I deeply curb my writing to pique the interest of others in the hopes of connection. So in that, I write for you.

    I hope you will want to read my words. Without you, I might still write but would I find as much meaning without you there to like what I have to say?

    I agree that there is no greater agony than an untold story. But I often chastise myself because I see in a world so full of people, living so many different ways, what would ever make my story something everyone would want to see? Why should I spend my time hoping someone will give me theirs, when everyone out there is hoping for the same as me?

    I find our world a little sad-making. So many people using so many words to tell all about themselves and their lives. And yet so many people are spending so much time telling, they spend almost no time in silence taking in the world that seeks understanding. I too stand guilty of this. My time is spent living my life that is taking care of my family in which I spend my extra minutes writing my story or listening to my husband’s creations. Outside of that I find very little time to take in what other’s are putting out.

    And for that, I find myself feeling guilty. So much is out there for my pleasure and interest and yet I give so little of my time to indulging that. That’s something I need to think on for awhile. I may be missing some very blessed part of existence with my obsessed focus on getting my story out while I’m inspired.

    Thanks for taking time to share this beautiful message. I’m so glad I found the time to experience it and lend my thoughts on how your words inspired my own. Much appreciation for the soul you are baring to the world. Thanks for being you!

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