Dark Thoughts

13 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts”

  1. I wanted to come here and take some time seeing what you were sharing. A couple days ago, you took time at my site and like a lot of my posts. Seeing you liking so much brought much excitement to my day and I find myself wanting to connect to someone who took the time to send positive likes in my direction.

    So I have come and seen a few of your posts. I am not good at interpretting people I don’t know. Nor am I very good at reading intent behind cryptic words which poems always feel like to me.

    When you share on your site, what moves you to post? What qualifies as something you want other people to see? Are you showing a reflection of yourself or a vision of the person you wish to be? Is your site showing your soul to the world?

    If I’m coming off as too intense I apologize. I like to know people and how they are moved to share. I love to know how a person feels their soul is reflected. I live to know more about anyone willing to share.

    I hope you are having a wonderful day and much love and luck on your journey!

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    1. Thank you for taking time to know the me that spills her soul so assured. I write as the moment grips me, I do not post to collect followers, I love my followers because they connect with me and I with them. They are my friends, they cry with me and laugh with me. 4 years ago when I started my blog they helped me tremendously when I was in pain and lost. My post can be triggered by emotions or an event or just an image. But must of all its my soul and my imagination wanting to explore an avenue of expression.

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      1. I love the phrase “the me that spills her soul so assured”. The is just beautiful and gentle and such a desirable way to describe yourself. I’m so thankful I read that.

        I like that you write as the moment takes you. To me that speaks of truthful expression and an inner connection to the muse that guides your understanding. I like that a lot. I believe strongly in the healthiness of listening to yourself and reading yourself honestly.

        I match you connection with the blog, I believe. I too seek love and connection and relationships with my readers. I put my soul in words and then I hope to draw those who love the reflection of my soul I have shown. I hope for it to be real and honest and open. Beautiful aspects of life in my opinion.

        I love the combination of the soul and imagination creating beautiful expression. It’s what moves me to write and sometimes attempt drawing.

        Thank you so much for taking time to share. I have deeply enjoyed getting to know you a little more and I look forward to expanding on that process.

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