It is amazing how I manage to comeback on this quote every now and then. Today I went for a haircut, met a wonderful woman and her story was painful and yet full of love. My hairdresser she told me all about herself no reservations. Then she said: ” Now tell me about you?” How … Continue reading Friendships

Happy Holidays

I imagine  for a moment opening a book. The very first page begins “once upon a time.” I know it’s a farytale.  But looking further, I see there are beautiful pictures. They are my fantasies. There are no words.  They are waiting, waiting for my images to take life. They do with hope and joy, in … Continue reading Happy Holidays

When The Past Catches up

<img class="alignnone size-full" title="img_108385340392718.jpeg" alt="image" src=" I received a call from a former co- worker who had professed friendship up and down, she has remained indifferently and started telling me all the wonderful stuff that has come her way in the past 8 months since I spoke last to her. After 45 minutes of patience … Continue reading When The Past Catches up