Lazy or Devious

11 thoughts on “Lazy or Devious”

  1. Interesting read. Some relationships are toxic. Period. Simply asses how important this person is to your life and compare that to the ill-effects of letting them dramatically futz your life, mind, and physical comfort. Looks here we see evidence that people at extremes are givers or takers. You’ve described a taker, and do so from the vantage point of a giver. Even dearly-loved ones and (sigh) family can be abusive like this. Talking to them? Not, I suspect (and you know) going to change a thing. You know what is needed. Your call.

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  2. Oh my, I would be pulling my hair out. My first thought is to take the dog and leave. I hate to say that she is one the people on earth that cannot see beyond herself, she lives in a world where it rotates around her and there is nothing more, or less. It amazes me how some people can live in a world where they do not see, or maybe cannot see what they are creating around themselves. Cannot see the mess they left, the hurt that they leave behind as the leave the room. Its one of those situations where you either enter her world of chaos or leave the chaos behind, One thing for sure is she will never see herself for what she really is, a slob as she cannot see it.. I feel for you. I would leave, with the dog,. or ask her to leave.

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    1. Thank you! But unfortunately I have no choice I like where I am and to separate it would crest a lot of bad feelings… so I grind my teeth, I laugh a lot and she’s only home on weekends and after 7 pm from 7 am…

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      1. I understand, so it is you that will have to bend, I have been told that we are only given that in which we can handle in life, if you are happy where you are, and that’s important, than be happy in knowing that you are caring for someone who cannot care for themselves, smile as you do it know you are a good soul and have empathy for those who do not. Know in your heart what a good person you are, and in return you have a wonderful little fur friend to love you for it. Keep smiling my friend nothing is forever. And its important to be true to who you are, and when it gets to the point you where you think your going to scream, deep breath and understand she really can’t see how she is, perhaps with your kindness she will start to understand who she is.

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