Keep on dancing 

“I’m dancing in the rain…” -Gene Kelly Today celebrate you. Do something to recognize the beauty of you and the beauty of your place in the world. ~Sometimes you dance… with a partner, and sometimes you dance alone. But the important thing is to keep dancing. ~ Jack Canfield  Continue reading Keep on dancing 


Coming home on a stormy night can be fearful. The lighting was bright the thunder deathly, but I still continued walking under my umbrella in the middle of the road as the sky darkened and the drops of rain followed. When the down poring started with the earthshaking rumbles I felt fear… Then I became … Continue reading Thunder


Darling Jess of The Little Things in Life has awarded my site with The Liebster Award. I don’t know if I am eligible, but I will accept to honor her. Jess is new to the blogosphere she started just like me in July of 2015 , and lives in North Yorkshire in UK. She is … Continue reading Award