The Orchid

8 thoughts on “The Orchid”

  1. Taken to task a few years back for a female POV fictional short work (what else could it be but fiction?) it is a mild bit of vindication that I see reputable and sane [female] writers confirming my story’s premise, directly or indirectly. The issue a rabid [female] complainer took years ago was that I used words in conversational exchanges between women protagonists that women would never use, and why would I, how could I do otherwise as I was after all but a male? Not only gender-specific body parts, but emotions, libido, and base manifestations of natural urges. I still believe that despite the mysterious complexity of females they are human and will, can, and prefer to do certain things certain ways no less crude and sometimes humorous than the emotionally weaker gender. Enjoyed the post and the insight it provides.

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