Is there God on Facebook

11 thoughts on “Is there God on Facebook”

  1. “Social media is for lunatics and fanatics!” .. I like that, as I now write on one of all the social media circulating around the world. I’m not a fan of Facebook, I do not believe in god, but i have a faith.

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  2. Knowing God is real since birth is a bonus. Knowing facebook isn’t real life since the beginning of facebook is basic discernment. For millions, it seems the fantasy world of facebook is all they have.

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  3. I would wager that most — if not all — of the people offering “thoughts and prayers” on social media aren’t the ones actually praying. Like Twitter activism, such posturing is vacuous virtue-signaling.


  4. My thoughts are that those who use social media to promote a deity, or what they understand as their God, are actually still searching for what they lack, whether it be faith, belief, understanding of something larger than that they can fathom. The thought that one can find God on a social platform, no matter, is absurd to me, but then my next thought is who am I to say what is real, or right for another, I only know that my belief in deities is only for me to now, to think I would come to a social network to look for my yearning of that I cannot completely understand, is to be absurd. Nature draws to my soul…I only use social media to connect to those that are not close, to see and listen what others are saying or sharing and watch the absurdity of what people are saying. For me social media is more like a comedy show, sometimes scary and deficiently crazy!!

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    1. My sentiments exactly- you have expressed it so clearly. I’m a Christian with Buddhist philosophy and I m always judged, yet I have found peace and joy in nature and my furry friends . Thank you for sharing it with me.🎐

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      1. I look up to all the different faiths that are in our world, and take from many to form my belief, I cannot just believe in one God, I am at peace with who I am and to all I believe in.

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