Let Us Know Peace

36 thoughts on “Let Us Know Peace”

  1. This is wonderful. I love to know the words of the Native Americans. Their history and their life is greatly interesting to my mind. They felt like people of the land that lived with the spirit of what makes this land so great. They were one with the community of spirits that guide nature and life on this planet.

    And we came and separated them from their connection and forced them into a sad existence. My crazy and bipolar mind feels strongly that the ancient spirits that the Native Americans nurtured and cared for are fiercely angry at what has become of their people. I have this growing story in my mind of the revenge and punishment they seek on the children of those who hurt their children. It involves them bringing up a beautiful Princess of the People who has love for all and brings harmony to the worst of them. Love and Peace and Prosperity come to the land because she came and graced all with her being.

    The ancients know of her beauty and brilliance for they chose the best of themselves to come back and enrapture the whole of society. And then when perfect peace has been delivered, they will grant eternal life to all still living and living in peace. And then they will coldly destroy the peace that was found and take the Princess from them and they will never know her light again bound to live for eternity suffering the loss of the Perfect Person. Only then will the Ancients be appeased for the devastation that was brought their people.

    In my mind this prayer for Peace came from a time when people gave their time to existing harmoniously with the spirits and presences of the past, making the present moment a precious place to be. Peace was prayed for and peace was granted and peace was maintained.

    But man came and broke that cycle and started imposing religions and laws and work standards that cut people off from the connection of the spirit. The spirits no longer felt the draw of the cycle of peace but rather became incensed to the machinations of war that were constantly coming from unhappy and unpeaceful people. Their land became the home of the warringest people ever while they took on the ego of the most peaceful presence of the land. They call themselves the land of the free and The Leader of the Free People and yet the world is not free of the threat of war from that land.

    The Ancients see and The Ancients do not like.

    Or at least that’s the fun place your sharing of the Peace Prayer brought to my mind. Thankful for this fun thought exploration. I love where your sharing took my mind. I hope beyond hope this is just a crazy thinking thing and not some prophesy of what’s to come (as if that were a thing – though I really wish I were capable of that). If this is a prophesy the spirits I am talking to are darkly mad and they will hold nothing back to exact the revenge they seek. Scares me to consider being on the wrong side of them.

    Sorry for sharing so much in my comment. I hope you don’t mind. You frequent my blog and so I like to share myself on yours as well, so you could better know the person you interact with.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day and have found many blessings to grace and lighten your day forward!

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