5 thoughts on “If There’s No Tomorrow”

  1. It was interesting how I was able to view this post. First, I saw the title and the picture. And I thought that that was all there was to the post. And so I started working my mind around posting a comment to further the thought.

    My mind started thinking that if there were no tomorrow, then today would be all we have. And that I would want to make the very most of the only day I have left. And for me that would be filling it with love and laughs and all the goodness that comes in every little moment of life.

    And as I opened the comment box to respond to you, the quote you attached was presented to me. It made me warmly smile because there was the truth of what I was seeking to share. Love. Love would be what would fill my last day if there were no tomorrow. Beautiful synchronicity at its finest. I love those kind of moments.

    Thank you for sharing with me. I’m glad I had the time to browse your own sharings.

    Much love and luck as you begin your day!

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