I Need Inspiration

7 thoughts on “I Need Inspiration”

  1. Sitting with your head screwed on straight is about all I can do these days most of the time I don’t even watch tv anymore because its so dam depressing,if I can’t blog I meditate,I try hard to keep my witted about me at all costs,
    As Always Sheldon

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  2. Your post reflects how I feel/felt about life, why am I here, what really is my purpose, and why? The older I get the more I understand, in my life, it really is all about the here and now, not What if ?, When if ?, or even Where if ? I have been doing deeper mediation sessions and have found a much deeper calm within me. Or perhaps its since I turned 60, I really don’t give a flip about a lot in life anymore that I used to dwell on. Whatever the reason, its a great sense of calm in my life, I am happier and really don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I gave up on worrying about more than a day or two ahead of me, life changes in the blink of an eye, so its all about today, yay I got out of bed and took a step forward in my life. And yes my friend you are a miracle, not only to yourself but to all of us, I know you are one of my miracles in my life, thank you for that!! Namaste Kat

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    1. Namaste Kat, thank you for sharing you, you are a miracle to me, you share and you encourage but best of all you have accepted me as I am … 💕💕🌷🌷😘


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