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  1. Yes very simply put the masses are that desperate to have the screens give them whatever they can manage to get in front of their faces to have something to watch to make sure they don’t have to spend time thinking. Their brains are desperate for a fix of adrenaline to compensate for the lack of genuine energy they are willing to put forth into worthwhile thoughtful consideration and active thought processes.

    Thinking hurts and if they spent time thinking they might have to wake up and realize they aren’t really happy spending all this time watching their screens and the shows and newsfeeds that don’t make them really happy to see or anything worth remembering past the moment they get their fix.

    But that’s awareness and screens placate us into sedation which would be the opposite of awareness.

    So I guess the question becomes – why is a person using their screen?

    Are they trying to escape thinking? If so then, they are probably very content with life

    Are they trying to entertain their minds? If so then, they are probably very deprived of good wholesome content the nurtures the soul and feeds the spirit and helps the mind grow in a way that doesn’t repress the human experience.

    Just my wordy thoughts coming from a person that has completely disconnected from watching screen. I have an 9 year old iphone that doesn’t work on the internet anymore and barely sends text messages. I use WordPress to blog but I don’t read the news or any other sites outside of WordPress. My family uses Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime and I can see how it pulls people in.

    Much love to you out there in your little part of the world. I hope my words haven’t offended. Your thoughts inspired my own and I love the chance to connect. Hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoy the opportunity the have wonderful moments of joy peppered through the moments as they come.

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  2. I agree, I also find myself re-watching old shows I can recite lines from, lol, I will wait till the end of the first season of Picard, and binge watch it. LOL only pay for one month, after all I am an old fan of the series and all things starwars. LOL

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