6 thoughts on “Loyalty”

  1. I had to learn this lesson as well! Although it was a sad lesson to learn, it showed me that I should also give people a chance – because often times the ones who ARE there for you are the ones you wouldn’t expect.

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  2. So true, I had someone not to long ago confide in me that they were having trouble being faithful, The pull of the moment so intense, they weren’t sure they would be able to keep saying no to it. We talked about what the loss would be if they gave in. to their desire. My only advise was to choose wisely, because even if they didn’t share there indiscretion, it would change the dynamics between them. Was the short time of desire really worth the loss of a life time of loyalty? .I believe that they made the right decision as I haven’t seen any changes in that relationship. Thank goodness as I love them both!!

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