On My Own

14 thoughts on “On My Own”

  1. I was alone for 13 years, never happier…not that I don’t like being with my love, but I enjoyed the solitude, being only responsible for me, and answer to no one. No other person to consider in my decisions. I am a true loner. My husband never questions my dancing in the moon light, just won’t join me, thinks I am silly!! but he’s happy I am happy.

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    1. I have walked alone all my life due to my way of viewing it different than others. I scared them! I’m accepting it and dealing it my way now! ❤️


      1. I live my life the way I want, I, well we, my husband and I are the only ones paying for our way of life, if someone doesn’t like it, well, La Ti Da…they can just move on, I always thank them for there opinion and attitude I didn’t ask for and let them keep it. LOL I smile a lot to keep everyone wondering just what the hell I have to smile so much for. LOL no ones life but your own, life it, own it and be true to only you!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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