10 thoughts on “Dissapointments”

  1. What are your 5th and 11th houses doing?
    Also I keep track of the moon daily. She is the fastest moving part of the timepiece and directly related to our emotional journey

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  2. Sometimes its best when those that don’t choose to stay and engage in life with us, leave….in reality they were really never part of the circle around you…true friends are so hard to come by…not counting family I have one true friend…we love each other unconditionally, always honest with each other no matter the outcome for one another, we only see each other these days once a year at best, but always a phone call away…it was nice that your “friends” were there to help guide you to therapy and there to listen when you most needed them…they were transitional friends in your life….put there for a purpose and only that purpose to full fill….funny how blow in and out of our lives…I am a loner at heart, prefer to be to myself and alone….my husband and I can be together all day and not even speak to each other most of the day….very nice to have someone who understands solitude…I also have come to understand, and it took years to understand this concept about myself… that being a lunar child, a little crazy, happy go lucky, thinking out of the box kinda gal, comes with fears from others….most people don’t think like I do, or lets say I don’t see life like them….staying positive and trying to see all positive in all situations give people the benefit of doubt…random acts of kindness bring nothing but pleasure to me…in the end to get back on track….friends happen, you can’t force that relationship, can’t buy it, I believe your best friend is inside you….after making friends with yourself, others show up….stay happy, and let the moon beams dance you to happiness….Namaste my friend!! Namaste – – – – – kat

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    1. Thank you Kat, you have expressed it so well this need for solitude and yet, to have someone there to reach out too. I know that I value too much on the here and now and forget the then that is about to happen, maybe I put my time into waiting for them and have lost the ability to be totally me and rediscover new friends in new paths. Namaste my friend, as ever Solitaire xx

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