10 thoughts on “Today ”

  1. Hey Windmills,

    Verdrous isn’t She? Spring so vivid so soft the photograph quite captivating thank you.

    Today is a never-ending dream. It always feels so good to be reminded of that. Again thank you for your sentiment.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN – 02/03/2017

    ~ One day ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    One day.
    One day is to few.
    One today is to few.
    Two todays far few one days for me.
    Three todays far fewer two todays for me by one today already.
    Four todays also four few three todays for me when two and three todays wouldn’t do.
    For me at all.
    Five todays when always four todays are blessed one today more.
    Six todays raises five todays today to seven todays tomorrow.
    To become an expectant new week today.
    Birthing the day after tomorrow.
    If today were one never-ending today.
    One day.




    DN – 02/03/2017

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