14 thoughts on “The Universe ”

    1. That’s bragging. I found that sometimes WordPress do that to me too. They end the warning of a new post even though they leave me following the person. Someone told me (whether true or not) that you can only tick the ‘notify me of posts’ box on a certain number you follow.

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  1. Hey Windmills,

    Reassuring and expansive.

    Calming here also. Thank you.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN – 02/03/2017

    One Universe rains!
    On you!
    So much!
    So often!
    In all ways.
    For always.
    God’s reign.
    Falling softly.
    Landing gently.
    Swelling sweetly.
    Flowing slowly.
    Rushing wildly.
    Arid plains.
    Desert hearts.
    Shooting eagerly.
    Climbing wisely.
    Rising magnificently

    Fertile lands.
    Abundant hearts!



    DN – 02/03/2017

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