7 thoughts on “New Direction ”

      1. Oh yes the wind has covered me with good, bad, happy and sad….I remember the wind one morning in 2007, it was a warm wind…I was on my way into work, I stopped to listen to what it said, it wasn’t going to have it any other way….I remember standing there with my arms out stretched, all I felt was great sadness, it was as if the wind was crying…I had felt this wind before, in 1983…..I didn’t want to accept what it was telling me, beware you are going to loose someone….I was never able to put a finger on whom but it was definitely the wind of death….someone (the CEO f the company) was walking into work and stopped and asked what I was doing…I said don’t you feel the winds message…nope he replied..they all new I was a little different, and learned to listen….he asked what I felt, and I told him death was blowing in the air…he just shook his head and went on to work….I immediately started to think of the elders int he family…but knew that death was not choosey….later that afternoon my sister had dropped dead….there also had been a huge fire in Califorinia to keep me from going to her for 24 hours, and in 1983 the same warm, sad, wind blew across me in Alaska, they all mentioned it didn’t normally blow warm wind….my father died several hours later….I told my sister that something really bad was going to happen to someone in our family then….I couldn’t figure out who..but I knew it was a bad wind…..just thought I would share….the wind had informed me of births, friends coming, and disasters coming…just not enough to put a real time or whom to it…I don’t often talk about it, but I wanted to share with you….it also happened when my mother passes….we knew she was actively dying in the hospital so it wasn’t an unknown factor, however I went home to shower, we took turns leaving her bedside….I remember coming out of the house and the wind engulfed me, warm, sad, and so emotional….she passed that night….I love nature and try to commune with it as often as possible, infact sometimes it finds me….LOL

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  1. Dear Kathy thank you for sharing this, it brought tears and goosebumps. I know what you saying it is a phenomenon that I have also felt when my life is about to change drastically.”Heed where the proverbial wind blows, least we run into a storm ‘ xx


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