Walking in Nature 

27 thoughts on “Walking in Nature ”

  1. My heart aches for you my friend….just remember to breath….take the minute in the moment to breath, excuse yourself from the room if you need to, you first…always, center yourself, deep breath let your voice remain calm, do not let anyone take your peace….they are not allowed….they own there own chaos, they can have a circus in there life if they so choose, you do not have to attend…..I feel for you…..sending you peaceful thoughts…..breath….take your time, don’t let them enter your space….head high….breath…..xxkat

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    1. Oh Kathy! Love you most! You made my day!
      Follow up: I took a deep breath, smile on my face and asked them my fate… their answer was no more stress! ‘ You are a gift to us’ she will be told to back off! ( the universe answered) you my friend were were true to your beautiful self and helped along. Love and hugs! 💕💕💕


      1. how wonderful when they see they see the good in people…..so happy that things will be better….just remember treat her like you would a stranger, kind, courtesy, and keep her a mile away….and if she refuses to play nice, only speak to her in front of a supervisor…..I treated all my ex’s this way and they learned to play nice very quickly…..no reason people can’t treat others respectable…she just needs to learn how to be nice….even if she doesn’t want to….LOL sooooo happy for you….

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  2. Oh! I am saying a special prayer right now for you. I, too find comfort in nature and it releases poems, happiness, tears, and release. I know what ever happens tomorrow, you will find your peaceful way,knowing the direction you are meant to go. A prayer and a hug 🙂 Jen

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