First Love, Young Love

20 thoughts on “First Love, Young Love”

  1. Really a great story
    Sad but true
    But that’s how the first one should be never to be felt again
    Yes the rest in comparison will never be
    And you chase for the rest of your life
    Again sad but true
    It one of the untold mysteries and secrets to the quiet storm
    As always Sheldon

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  2. How beautiful and tragic…in so many ways. Beautiful because a young girl’s first realization of that wonderful electric ZINNNGGG between herself and another boy is always so memorable and to be treasured forever.

    And so tragic first of all because of that horrible loss of David’s mother and his unborn sibling and how that must have devastated him and his father.

    Tragic second of all because you and David never got a chance to even say a brief good-bye.

    But tragic most of all, at least to me, because you spent so much fruitless time and energy trying to recapture those first wonderful electric charges of mutual attraction by hoping that the other boys/men in your life could re-play that for you and recreate those feelings for you.

    At least you have finally realized that yes, that was not good, and kudos to you for now understanding that. That first realization in a young girl that she is attractive to somebody that she is attracted to, that her body and her heart is telling her through those zingy electric charges and the thumpity thumpity thumpity of your heart that first love is right around the corner and hopefully it will be as doubly wonderful as we (your heart and your body) think it will be, is the most magical time!

    It is when your body and your heart are just blossoming, just awakening and it is also what you can never truly experience again because the first time for everything is always the most magical and memorable and can never be recreated.

    But that does not mean that other special, wonderful, happy feelings will never occur, they will, trust me, they will! 😀

    Sorry for such a long post 😦

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  3. Sad – but I had to learn that each love we are blessed to have in this life is unique and cannot be compared to another because they are so unique –

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  4. From “Barry” Chapter One, Part XXII:

    “I don’t know, but it’s more fun with boys and girls than just girls, isn’t it,” I begged.

    “It changes the conversation entirely,” Melissa quipped.

    “But it doesn’t have to,” I said, thinking a mile-a-minute.

    “But we were talking about boys,” Lisa said.

    “So keep talking about boys. I know about boys,” I said, knowing they would never be brave enough to bring up sex anyway. Among the boys there was a culture of mutually accepted lies that ranged from tepid to kinky via imagination…but how could you fool a tent full of girls?

    “Then why is it that all boys want from girls is to have sex?” Sue asked.

    I know I turned red all over, but I also know this was a defining moment in my chances to date or never date Lisa.

    “I think it depends on the boy. Some guys really love their girlfriends, and not just for the sex either.”

    “Oh?” Sue said. “I think they say they are in love just to get sex.”

    “Yeah maybe, but then what? The girls have sex and later find out whether the guy is really in love or not? Or the girl can say ‘No, let’s wait’ to test the guy, risking he may run off. I mean I have no idea what girls think, but people end up sleeping together, even if there are different reasons why. As long as no one gets pregnant, I figure sex is fun for boys and girls.” Ah, I was in full swing now. Those early days of proselytizing “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But were Afraid To Ask,” off the balcony of my room paid off, and I didn’t have to lie! Yet, at the time…:

    (I so wanted this to be my final statement on the subject.)

    Lisa: “But you said you had sex with Jeanne, but it wasn’t true!”

    Me: “My God I’m the bad guy. I already apologized to Jeanne.”

    Melissa: “That’s not the point, the point is, why are boys so hung up on sex?”

    Me: “And girls aren’t hot to trot? What were you talking about before we showed up?”

    Melissa: “I was talking about Todd, not sex, or sex with Todd, but just Todd, you sex maniac.”

    Me: “So who do you like Sue?”

    Sue: “Well I can’t decide. I think one of them will ask me out soon.”

    Me: “How can you be so sure?

    Sue: “I have my ways?”

    Me: “See, it’s these ‘ways’ you talk about , this is what boys like me are interested in.

    Melissa: “The girls way is to get into the guy’s eyesight in as many different situations as possible.”

    Lisa: “Well, it’s the way you present yourself to a guy. It’s not just repetition, because a first impression can seal the deal.”

    Me: “How many times has a seductive approach worked for you, or any of us though?”

    Sue: “Boys are too shy, and you coujld walk up to them and hit them over the head with the frying pan of love, and they’d still miss it.”

    The girls laughed.

    Me: “But what is the goal? Dating? Marriage? A Fling? Someone to hang out with? To go steady? I mean it’s confusing. I think guys are less confusing, and take life as it comes.”

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