A Morning Joy

6 thoughts on “A Morning Joy”

  1. I can really relate to this! You can’t find happiness by pleasing others! Get rid of the ones who make feel worse, I know you can’t abandon your family, but take a break from them until you feel better. Find out what makes you happy? Is it music, friends, sports etc. and do that! Make yourself happy! I know it isn’t easy but I believe in you!
    – R

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  2. I’d suggest making the curve ball a point where you make changes in your life so the curve ball is a starting point and not an end. Build on it. If you have to leave people behind that make you unhappy so be it. Your happiness is what matters now. Make sure the health issues are at an end and you can move on from them to. You don’t need those who can’t offer you support now. Find others who will.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  3. I agree with the rest….start at this point….whatever makes you happy,, then your happy, remember not everyday will be filled with joy, but leave them behind that are dragging you down…..its hard to say good bye to some relationships, especially the ones you have been trying to make happy ones….give it up…ain’t going to happen…I just live day to day and working on my joy….I have spent 58 years making sure everyone else was happy and having a good day sometimes at my expense, so I have declared its my turn, loosing weight, joining a gym, ridding myself of items that are holding me down, and people that are draggin me down….funny how hard it is….keep trying…it gets easier…..

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