Out of Step

9 thoughts on “Out of Step”

  1. My wife had cancer and very bad health for years and years. I know what some of this is like. It can wear on you. Trusting people can be very tough. I have no advice other than live life to the fullest like you said. Wishing you the best. Peace.


  2. You are so strong in spirit! It’s unfortunate that you had to put on a brave facade to survive a visit with family while dealing with the highs and lows that are part of the package deal of a battle with cancer. And, it is beyond infuriating when people assume those who are ill ought to bear a particular countenance in order to validate their medical issues! (My apologize for the rant!)

    My thoughts are with you as you press forward on your journey and I hope that you will continue to hold fast to that beautiful strength you clearly possess.


  3. Sorry to hear that you have cancer and that you have to experience even more pain. I pray that you take that damn cancer by the balls, and you control cancer not allow cancer to have you. I will keep you in my prayers. By the way, I enjoy your writing. Stay strong!

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