You Are Loved

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  1. What a great story….for me I am both a cat and dog lover….after being on the singles market for 13 years and never having a serious man in my life I was sick of the dating world and decided to give up on any kind of human love life and rescue a dog, After all they are mans best friend so why not!! they love you unconditionally and are always happy to see you when you come home…so I started on the internet, found all the shelters near where I live and so started the picture looking…I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I was sure I would know when I found her, one thing was for sure I wanted a female….I love my flowers to much to have to fight with a male dog doing its business all over them….after many weeks of looking and I wen to the local pound, where apparently you have to meet some kind of personality test (10 page application) to get a dog.?!? Every do I found that I like, our personality’s didn’t match up, crazy… I happen to be driving down a road I rarely travel in my town and low and behold there was an animal rescue. I pulled in and found the most beautiful dog….her and her brother had been owned by 2 young kids that got them as puppies and after they grew into dogs they neglected them and asked there vet to euthanize them when they decided to move on with their lives and didn’t have any need for the dogs anymore. The vet took them in and brought them here to this rescue. They were both full bred border collies, long curly coats of black and white, and they each had one blue eye on white and one brown eye on black…I feel in love with both of them….the Male dog had an aggressive side and was a very angry dog….while the female laid curled up in a ball looking defeated to the world…my heart sank when I say her…they let me walk her and all she wanted to do was find a corner to hide in.. IN the meantime the brother was so besides himself he climbed a 10 foot wire fence to get out to save his sister, sweet in many ways but way to aggressive for me, as I had thought about taking both dogs…so I asked about her and they told me a man was interested in her, but he didn’t want to give them a deposit….I couldn’t get the money out fast enough….they had a paper for my name and address and phone number on it to fill out, I asked where the rest of the application was, they laughed and said oh you’ve been to the pound…..she said all I want to know is are you going to love this dog? Yes of course! and Will you let her sleep on the furniture? Sure shy not, I was living early bohemian at the time, nothing she could hurt…so I found my best friend, she has been with me for 11 years and seen me through many a sad night…I am happy you found were given a good friend…and thanks for following my blog, I look forward to reading your post…Kathy

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