“Some like to believe it’s the book that chooses the person ~ Carlos Luis Zafon The saddest thing for me sometimes is when I’m feeling real down. I look around and realize that there’s no shoulder for me… That is when I turn to books! Books reveal a more powerful and passionate and Devine world … Continue reading Books

Book Review

At first glance the first chapters you may decide that maybe it’s not a book for a teen. But wait! As you discover the team of sleuths your are impressed by their enthusiasm to make their investigation company a success… The story is well written, and the tale is full of humor. A wonderful read! … Continue reading Book Review

Saving Grace

On a sunny spring-like Saturday, when the air felt warm on my cheeks for the first time in months, I wondered downtown and wound up meadering through my favorite used bookstore. I picked up a book and sat just out of the way into an alcove, I put my feet up and started to read. … Continue reading Saving Grace