The Hidden Emotions 

8 thoughts on “The Hidden Emotions ”

  1. Sometimes quality answers require investigation that takes some time. Communicate your honest feelings with the therapist to make certain you are both on the same page. Change (both positive and negative) require a PROCESS. This process often requires PATIENCE. If you need tangible evidence of “change,” ask your therapist for tangible improvements along with a tangible RANGE in time you should witness these events. This makes each of you accountable to each other.

    Wishing you much success.

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  2. Give it a few more sessions before you give up on counseling. Look at it this way… better for her to ask how you feel and what you think is going on, than for her to assume on the first visit that she has all the answers or even knows you yet. Your insights are what is important and her goal is to help you sort through them, not to “fix” you. Much love to you as you explore yourself and find your joy. ❤

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