Warm Weather and Full Moon

16 thoughts on “Warm Weather and Full Moon”

      1. It takes a fair amount of scrolling to get to the cartoon.  Some people may have lost patience and bailed out before reaching the cartoon.  It’s often hard to maintain the reader’s interest during a longish setup for a surprise ending.

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      1. Sorry my comment was not clear.  I use e-mail notifications by choice, not because of being cut or having any icons missing.  Just wanted to let U know that this is a case where the way WP truncates the post in the e-mail is so misleading that it almost forces readers to misunderstand.

        The truncated e-mail notification makes it look like the post ends with the last line of text before the cartoon.  So the e-mail makes it look like the post is ONLY about the fashion faux pas and takes it much too seriously.

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