The Tree is up

11 thoughts on “The Tree is up”

  1. Greetings and Good Morning. My Christmas was very quiet, just my husband and myself, some time for reflection of past Christmas. I used to spend them alone when I was single, (13 years) all the time. I started a tradition with myself, to wake up and walk on the beach Christmas morning. I look back on those Christmas mornings with love and joy. Even though I have a partner in my life, I still sometimes fell the solitude of being alone. I have always found peace and contentment from that. I hope your holidays were both, peaceful and full of joy. Happy New Year xxkat

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    1. Darling Kat, thank you for sharing . I know your being alone became a deep memory of self. I too I’m on that journey, yet I feel it is a path that I alone can walk. Blessings, health and love for the new year❤️🥂


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