Finding Yourself Again

6 thoughts on “Finding Yourself Again”

  1. Sometimes that realization is all that’s needed to turn things around. There is only so much time and energy, so spend it on things you care about and enjoy, and politely say no to the rest without a bit of guilt. (Advice I’m giving myself.) 🙂

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  2. “”Not my circus, not my monkeys””

    Language: Polish. Translation: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje malpy. Meaning: Not my problem. While more cryptic than just saying “not my problem”, the Polish expression “not my circus, not my monkeys” makes perfect sense, and is a lot more fun to say.

    Whenever I get lost in the swamp of needifriends/workers I would chant my favorite phrase…Not my Circus, not My Monkeys….worked every time – they all thought I was crazy…but then – that’s not a bad thing either….LOL glad your feeling better…
    added the Metta Prayer to my grimoire Namaste

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