17 thoughts on “Depression ”

  1. Depression (as you write) can become a vicious cycle spiraling out of control. It leaves a person void of incentive and energy to alter behavior. Overcoming the obstacle of INACTION becomes essential to change feelings as well as outcomes. Food plays an important supportive role. It provides (BOTH) necessary nutrients as well as cellular INFORMATION that alters brain function and behavior. It is, however, just one component necessary to address a much more complicated condition. Searching for better personal understanding of the role YOU play in supporting this wonderful world we live in becomes another piece of the puzzle. Keeping the mind occupied with MEANINGFUL content of PURPOSE helps displace some emotional duress. At this point one can begin walking in environments that provide beauty and positive calmness to stimulate the physical and emotional body and mind.

    These are just a few simple tools that have helped people overcome the depths of depression. There is no one answer that satisfies everyone’s needs. It starts with recognizing SELF IMPORTANCE and the VALUE you bring to yourself as well as the rest of the world. I wish you much success on a healthful journey.

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  2. A terrible vice that squeezes misery in as it pushes breath out. The cruel mean black dog that bites and won’t let go.Remind yourself what a beautiful person you are again and again. As you begin to believe it the vice and the dog begin to fade. As they fade, you bloom.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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