Rocks for Memories 

25 thoughts on “Rocks for Memories ”

  1. I love to do the same thing. Rather than purchasing a little do dad in a local shop I find more joy in simple finding a small rock or stone I am attracted to.

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  2. We live on the North Shore of Long Island, NY and the beaches are rocky. I can’t even begin to tell you how gigantic our rock collection has become! I can sit for hours surrounded by rocks but work to find the special one that stands out to me. 🙂 LOVE your photos!

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  3. I love rocks…grew up with our ankles surrounded by big rocks in the back seat of the old rambler that my mom had made my dad stop and get…LOL I can still hear her say….Buck stop, I need that rock…LOL I am afraid it was handed down genetically….as I have a huge rock collection I move from place to place to place…I tore my rotor cuff moving big rocks in my yard…LOL I have rocks/shells from all over the world, as all my friends and family know all I ask for is a little stone or shell from where the of my favorites is a shell that was fossilized lord knows how many years ago from the desert in Morocco where my son visited…love the heart stones…have one or two of them…I have learned over the years that a symbol follows you throughout your life…heart shapes and star shapes have been a part of my life journey since I was very young….and I didn’t even realize until I was in my late 40’s….one night I was sitting in my home and started noticing every where I looked I had a star of some sort all around the house….I started counting and found visually in each room over 35 stars…crazy….I had already noticed that the heart shape seemed to show up constantly in my life….love this post……

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  4. I and my brother also used to do the same when we were kids.
    You brought an old memory back.
    I started writing a story inspired by this post. It’s called heartstone. It will be ready by tomorrow I think. Thanks for sharing this

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