Bear Mountain New York

11 thoughts on “Bear Mountain New York”

  1. I remember when my brother Stephen and I were little kids our Dad used to take us on a trip to Bear Mountain via the Circle Line ships every summer. We would hike the trails, get someting to eat and just enjoy ourselves. Really enjoyed those trips with Dad. Sadly our Dad has been gone over 20 years and who knows if the Circle Line is still in business. Never saw any bears but I still have fond memories.

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  2. There was this Bob Dylan song. I can’t remember if it was called, “Bear Mountain Picnic” or “Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre”. Funny song, I never knew that it was a real place and associated with FDR. I have been to Hyde Park as a boy. Such rich history to see where he did the fireside chats. Also to hear Eleanor’s voice for the first time. We went to the stables and we could press a button, hear her voice. It was so freaky to me. 🙂

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