15 thoughts on “Spirituality”

  1. It is a sad reality
    But when the path speaks
    You are the only one who will hear
    You may speak your words
    But only those who understand the path will listen
    That’s the way it works
    I hear you
    Prayers and blessings

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  2. I tried for a long time to define and communicate my own spiritual workings. I realised soon there was no point. Then people started to tell me about this theory that if someone feels something in their gut, an aversion of some sort to a concept or idea, and you put it into words, they will clamp down on that aversion and become even more irrationally averse to that idea, without really there being a reason.
    The Japanese way of teaching makes more sense now: students will go to who they consider masters and learn because they ask to, rather than the Christian heritage of going, preaching, and trying to assimilate. With best intentions, no doubt, but it just cannot work.

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  3. Everyone has there own journey, and it is only heard buy the one its choosing…of course this is my opinion….and it is wonderful when the one its choses actually listen and accepts the spiritual calling….no matter which spirit is calling…..thanks for sharing…kat

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