The Star on my Door

18 thoughts on “The Star on my Door”

  1. Stars….stars in my eyes, stars in my mind…..stars have followed me through my entire life going unnoticed for years until one day(about 10 years ago) I was sitting in my living room, just lookin about and it caught my eye that I had 5 stars of some sort or other right in my view….as I tilted my head in wonder, where and when did they all make there way into my world??? So I started going room to room and much to my surprise there were stars everywhere…LOL I counted over 45 stars from the smallest the size of your fingernail to the huge ones hanging from the ceiling glowing over me with love that my daughter had given to me….my most favorite, a friend made for me in 1976, was a Star of David from 100 year old antique glass, it has always hung in my kitchen windows….crazy it took me so long to figure it out…LOL I found I have stars that have followed my life since the early 60’s…I am thinking they are one of my special magical symbols of my life….I have been dancing under the stars and moon for as long as I can remember. I just call it magic….I love your star and how you hang goodies for the kids from it, a memory I am sure they will remember for years to come…I had to share my star story with you, its fun when you find another star lover….I also, years later realized that the heart shape has also been a part of my life for more years than I can remember….LOL funny how symbols follow us…..Happy Holidays my friend…and no your star is not ugly, I have never seen an ugly star!!!! Bahumbug on those who have such naughty thoughts……XXkat

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  2. To Be Human

    is to fall in love over and over,
    to never give up on any of them,
    to cry for the inhumanity, and try to
    overcome all that surrounds us by creating
    a closeness with those in proximity, both
    geographical and philosophical. It is to
    carry those loves in our heart, flooding our
    minds no matter how gone they are. And
    to put others’ needs first, understand their
    flaws, work on our own so we can be
    better helpers. It is to take it all in and
    follow our dreams no matter how preposterous;
    to pull apart another brown paper bag and
    to write it all out, no matter how choppy.
    So take my hand and make it all better
    before I repeat the painful parts until
    I can no longer act. To struggle past
    obstructions and obligations, self imposed and
    expected; to wallow in joy, build strength and
    change what we can for the better. To give.

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