Nothing is Permanent

8 thoughts on “Nothing is Permanent”

  1. I find it extremely comforting to know that nothing is permanent in my life….my life is always changing – evolving and moving forward….sure sometimes it feels stagnant, or actually going in reverse, but that is all part of it…kinda like the ole saying, if one door shuts, another one opens….I find it exciting to walk through that next door, its not always easy to do it, but I have learned to accept change….think how boring it would be if we all stayed in the same place, financially, emotional, mentally, physically all the time….how wonderful for you to see your where you should be at this time in your life and be ready to take the next step on your path of life…I am excited for you…I am finding that the community here on WordPress is such a supportive group of people, with wonderful ideas, recipes, and just great support….I am happy you are having the same reaction I am from blogging on here….XXkathy

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