If youth only had a chance or old age any brains- Stephen Leacock The smallest thing can change your life in a blink of an eye. Something happens by chance, when you least expect it and sets you on a course you never planned into a future you never imagined.   Where will it take … Continue reading Changes


It’s a gripping, squeezing, breathless emotion!   It grabbs you at any moment of your waking moment, visits in your dreams, turning them into nightmares!   And then at dawn, just when the light  pushes in… that dark cloud hovers over you until you feel powerless !  You want to engulf yourself into a senseless motion … Continue reading Depression 

The Sun of Summer

I’m a creature of Summer, the warm days, breezy  evenings and the clear sky of  night have a way of setting a pace for my daily tasks. No task is to arduous for me. My best one is laying about, with cold ice tea  and a good book on my hammock. The ideal way to … Continue reading The Sun of Summer