New Morning 

If in the morning you don’t know where to start In a corner leave all your negative thoughts  If there’s something missing and you can’t have Re-discovered the simple joyful things You have life, it’s a new day It’s enough to start again with a smile © Continue reading New Morning 

A Morning Joy

Curtesy of Happy Witch Happiness is a grand pursuit.  We all seek it and yet we are left with the void of having it escape us. When I was young I seeked happiness by making my parents happy~ they were disappointed in me. In school I tried to be nice to all the popular girls … Continue reading A Morning Joy

Love Me

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I  really need it~Sweedish proverb It has been 4 months since my wind of change blew my way. I remember that April day quite clearly, I even remember the calm. I shake my head and wonder who was my guardian that day! Continue reading Love Me