My Mother

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  1. My heart goes out to you, Solitaire. My father’s experience with his dad was similar to yours with your mom. His father left “One dollar to my ungrateful son.” My dad was far from ungrateful, and at 92 he’s still hurt by the unkind gesture. We don’t try to figure out why, since there was no reason for it. I remind my dad that his father’s hurtful choice was a reflection of the man’s nature (and unhappy life), and had nothing to do with him. Hugs, my friend. ❤

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  2. I feel for you, Solitaire. Thank you for sharing this post. There’s nothing I can say that doesn’t sound like a Facebook meme. We can never fully know the hearts of others, even those closest to us, but we can try to feel compassion for them and love ourselves. Wishing you healing and happiness.

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  3. Hello Hon, thought I would send you a message at your blog site instead of my blog. I feel a sisterhood to you. I too loved my mother, and she did not love me, or could not. The beginning of your words touched me deeply. However, I know that my mother did not love me as she told me so. I quit going to see her in 1992, she in Alabama, I in Wisconsin. She told me not to come back. That was 30 years ago, I never returned. I showed respect and thanked her for giving me life. I have grieved all of my life. I truely believe that we must forgive if we are to continue on in this life. It cannot be forgotten. I greatly appreciate your wonderful words. Elizabeth

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    1. Sometimes those who have left us with scars are the ones that should be forgotten not forgiven- for they are the ones that have missed the beautiful person we have become and by forgetting them it is the most insulting act a child can do to a parent. ❤️

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